Freedom BioN feat. COMA-CHI mail box


会場:海の家BEACH SAIKO!!(逗子)

2012年6月、Azumi (Wyolica)、eli (ex. LoveTambourines)、COMA-CHI、G.RINA他豪華なゲストアーティストを迎え待望の1st Album「Rip Current」をリリースしたFENCER。渋谷The ROOM Barにて隔月で自身のレジデントパーティ“DISCO VIKING”を主催する金星より地球にやってきた謎の仮面女性DJ 33QUEEN。そして、湘南の伝説的パーティーFreedomSunset を主催するshibaが繰り広げる夏全快のビーチパーティー。オープニングではCLUB雑誌Floorに連載中の"COMA-CHI mail box"の公開生収録もあります。
KenKuro brings the best summer sound to the newest beach house in Zushi.
We will have FENCER who just released his first album "Rip Current" featuring Azumi (Wyolica), eli (ex. LoveTambourines), COMA-CHI, and G.Rina.
DJ 33 QUEEEN, a mysterious masked DJ from Venus, who holds a regular party "DISCO VIKING" at The Room Bar in Shibuya will play as well.
The ending play will be by shiba who organizes Shonan's legendary party "FreedomSunset."
A special guest will be DJ Kaopang, an up and coming talent whose play music sense was nurtured since her childhood in learning to play piano.
Beach in Zushi has the most unobstructed view of the sunset.
Please come and enjoy the coolest summer sound with the best sound and lighting system on the whole beach! 

より大きな地図で 海の家 ”BEACH SAIKO!!” を表示